Rediscovering a Treasure Trove

The Bar Convent’s historic archives have been given a new lease of life with the arrival of Dr Hannah Thomas, our recently appointed Special Collections Manager. Dr Thomas, who joins us from Durham University, has the task of overseeing not just the impressive archives but the convent’s research library too. She’s been busy cataloguing the […]

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A Day in the Life of a Sister

The Bar Convent is home to members of the Congregation of Jesus (CJ), a religious order that was founded by the hugely progressive Yorkshire woman Mary Ward in the 17th Century. A lot of people are curious about the sisters’ way of life, so we asked Sr Ann Stafford to describe a typical day. In […]

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It’s All in the Numbers!

The Bar Convent has gone through a major change in the last couple of years and at the heart of this has been the building of the new Exhibition, as part of our move to becoming a Living Heritage Centre. We recently welcomed our 10,000th visitor, which isn’t bad for a venue that used to […]

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In the Footsteps of Mary Ward

The Bar Convent is home to sisters from the Congregation of Jesus, a community founded in the seventeenth century by Mary Ward, a hugely progressive Yorkshire woman. She believed that women were capable of great things and wanted her religious order to work in the community and to be self-governing. She crossed the Alps on […]

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